Professional Coaching Package

For professional golf players or amateur players wishing to become professionals, Stephane Damiano and our team of experts proposes a "Pro Coaching Package" on the yearly or monthly basis. Objectives and detailed training plan totally personalised, taking into account all factors of the performance: technical, physical, mental and medical. Contact the academy for more information on

Adult Golf School on the French Riviera

The Prime Golf Academy is the leading adult golf school in the South of France, proposing you a variety of lessons and camps, from beginner to advanced level. Play golf all year round with golf camps tailored for your needs. We offer special packages for winter camps with the hotel stay, allowing you to improve your golf and enjoy a sunny and warm weather in a luxurious atmosphere of Royal Mougins Golf Resort at a reasonable price. Contact the academy for more information

Golf Biomechanical Tests

What is the best swing for you? Specialists of Prime Golf Academy propose Biomechanical golf tests to determine your best swing. These simple tests allow to adjust your swing to your body shape and to choose the most natural movement for you. To see a simple explanation of the importance of these tests by Stephane Damiano, click Tests Biomécaniques Golf

Mental Training in Golf

Why do you need to develop mental skills in golf? Simply because when playing golf at the highest level, your mental conditioning is responsible for 90% of your success. For this reason, for our full time golfers, we start the cycle of mental trainings. 1st hour in a classroom, followed by a series of practical lessons on the golf course. The main objective of these sessions is to prepare our golfers for consistent performance and to help them to deal with the pressures and unexpected events and, as the result, to improve their overall golf experience.

Putting Instruction with David Orr

Our head coach Stephane Damiano has just attended 2 days training with some of the world best putting coaches as David Orr and Paul Hurrion to get updated on the latest advances in putting and the latest researches, based on observations of the world best professional golf players. Impatient to share some new tips with our student.

2nd place for Morgan Mouret in Béziers Golf Tournament.

Congratulations to our full time golf student Morgan Mouret fro the 2nd place in Béziers Golf Tournament with the total score of -2. We continue improvements with Biomechanics golf tests and the weight transfert analysis with Smart2move force plates.

USA University Experience

We are very happy to hear from our alumni golf students, who left to the USA to pursue their education. Thank you Torab Arghandiwal for your message: "The United States is really amazing but I don't really have a lot of time for myself. I play unbelievably well at the moment with -2 in the last qualification to be in the top 5 of my golf team. I had a 40% academic and 10% of golf scholarship, but it will surely be better at the end of the year because I play really well! "

Putting Work with SAM PuttLAB

The tournament season is almost over and we start the period of a profound work and changes on a swing for our full time golf athletes. Putting analysis with SAM PuttLab today to get a very precise data on golfers putting: the putter face angles, face rotation, swing path, impact spot, swing time duration or stroke rhythm. After a detailed analysis, we develop a specific training program for each golfer to improve his/her putting game. To see a simple explanation of a SAM PuttLAB analysis by Stephane Damiano, click SAM PuttLAB analysis

Barbaroux Grand Prix Results

Great performance of our full time junior golf students at Barbaroux golf tournament with Morgan Mouret finishing in the top 10 and Lucie Charbonnier in the top 5. Hard work done since the beginning of this school year pays with better and better performance in each tournament and this makes us very proud of our students!