Top 10 for Armand Papaziani et Lucia Masding in Valescure

Congratulations to our students Armand Papaziani and Lucia Masding for finishing in the top 10 of a very tough Valescure Golf Tournament. On the second day, Armand played -5, which was the best score of the day. And thanks to all our coaches who came so numerous to follow their students: our fitness coach Teddy Velghe and golf coaches Isabelle Lambolez, Stephane Damiano and Pierre Garcin.

2nd place for Lucia Masding in Nîmes Compagne Grand Prix

Congratulations to our British student Lucia Masding for the 2nd place in Nîmes Compagne Grand Prix. During 3 days Lucia kept the leading position and finally lost a few points on the last day to come the 2nd.

George Lynch wins the Departemental Golf Tournament

Congratulations to our British full-time golf student George Lynch (on the photo the tallest one) for winning the departmental golf tournament this week. Great start! And thanks to our coach Douglas for coaching our students during this tournament.

Objective setting

Objective setting is a very important part of the academy’s work. You might ask why? Simply because it provides structure and clarity. If you don’t know where to go, you will simply never arrive there. It is the link between your goal and the effort you provide. In September we focus on personal goal setting related to our golf & school program and then we evaluate and adjust them several times during the year. In this way, each student sees if the effort provided is coherent with the objectives set.

Lucia Masding Wins Fontcaude Grand Prix

After the quarantine and the long training break due to the COVID-19, we are so happy to welcome our full-time golf students, who are back to the academy for the new school & golf year. And the first weekend is marked by the win of the Fontcaude Grand Prix by our Irish student Lucia Masding. What a great start of the year! Lucia set this year level high, so let work hard!

Mental Prime Golf Championship

The Prime Golf Academy put in place a series à tournaments for our full time golf students ( golf & academic program) to work on mental resistance. The idea is to create frustrations for our players that they need to surpass. Example: miss the green, move your ball back by 4 metres. Miss the putt, move back by 1metre.

By using very specific techniques, that our students learn at the academy with our mental coach, a player needs to surpass his/her frustrations. It is much harder than you think, but extremely helpful. Your turn to try it!

High Level Golf Camp

Prime Golf Academy offers an advanced and very complete golf camp formula for elite golf players with single handicap, including an advanced trackman and video analysis, work on all types of shots, lots of on-course instruction, including technical and strategy as well as the end-of-week golf tournament. Our campers work with highly experienced golf coaches that coach high level golfers all year round in our full time golf & academic program. Watch the extract of the video, where our camper of 5 handicap establishes his working plan with his coach after the trackman analysis (in French)

Alexandre Fuchs Sharing his Experience with Prime Golf Academy's Students

We were delighted to welcome our ambassador Alexandre Fuchs ( N1 French amateur golf player in June 2019), who shared his experience with our junior golf students and played with them several holes, giving some tips on a better course management. Alex spent 2 years at the prime golf academy, in our full time golf & school program. During this time, he went up from N 107 to the N 10 in the French amateur ranking and thanks to Alex's recent performances, he moved to the 1st position. Watch the extract of the video, where Alex goes back to his experience at Prime Golf Academy (in French)