Prime Golf Academy offres you a high quality golf training program done by Stephane Damiano, the ex-coach of Victor Dubuisson (best word professional ranking is N15) and his team of coaches, who complete regular certification programs, teaching and golf technology, and have years of coaching experience at the highest level. Combination of the technical and on course instructions, mental and strategic approaches, allow our junior golfers be flexible and perform in any circumstances.

Standard Golf Program Includes

  • Training from September to June
  • 3-4 hours of golf per day from Monday to Friday (in the afternoon)
  • 2 played golf courses per week
  • Followed-up Competition Program with a personalised tournament calendar (national and international tournaments). A dozen of coached tournaments per year (depending on golf level). Regular internal competitions
  • Regular analysis in our fully equipped golf performance studio : Trackman Launch Monitor 4, Hi Speed Video, SAM PuttLab for putting analysis, TechnoSwing Force Plate to measure weight transfer and balance.
  • Titleist Club Fitting
  • Titleist Performance Institute screening and workout programmes to detect swing related physical limitations and to establish a personalised correction plan
  • General and golf specific fitness per week. Access to sport gym for boarding students. Yoga classes optional.
  • Mental coaching with a specialist.
  • Medical center: physiotherapist, osteopath, sports psychologist, rehabilitation of injuries...
  • Personalized goal planning and quarterly reports

Golf Tournaments

A personalised tournament calendar is established for each full time golfer at the beginning of each semester (September and February). This calendar varies according to student's golf level and personal objectives. Our main goal is to allow each student to play maximum of national and international tournaments to gain a great tournament experience and be able to get into European and world ranking.

Golf tournaments are divided into two categories, high level (called Grand Prix) and Academy tournaments. To be able to enter high level tournaments in France a golfer should have a golf handicap 12-10 and lower for boys and 14-12 and lower for girls. Most of the high level tournaments proposed by the Academy are coached tournaments.

If a student does not have a required golf handicap to enter a Grand Prix, the Academy organises approximately 30 golf tournaments during the school year, allowing our students to lower their golf handicap to the required level. Academy's tournaments take place either during the week or on Sundays (approximately 1 Sunday tournament every 2-3 weeks).

Golf Tournaments Results for the past years (2015-2019)

  • 34 Grand Prix won
  • 43 places in the top 3
  • 58 places in the top 10

Tournament Calendar Example

Results in these tournaments count for French & European rankings.

Date Tournament Category
February 16,17 & 18 Grand Prix Dames (Valescure) Cat 2
February 24 & 25 Grand Prix jeunes PACA (barbossi)
March 4 & 5 Grand prix de Barbaroux Cat 5
March 9,10 & 11 Grand prix du Cap D'agde Cat 2
March 10 & 11 Grand prix des Chanalets Cat 8
March 17 & 18 Grand prix de Barbossi Cat 10
March 23,24 & 25 Grand prix de l’Isère Cat 6
March 24 & 25 Grand prix de Toulouse Cat 7
March 30 -April 1 Grand prix Nimes Campagne Cat 4
April 6, 7 & 8 League Team Championship 1st & 2nd division
April 6, 7 & 8 Grand prix de la Nivelle Cat 5
April 7 & 8 Grand prix de la Drome Cat 7
April 13,14 & 15 League Team Championship Under 16
April 21 & 22 Grand prix du Garden golf de Digne Cat 8
Mai 5 & 6 Grand prix garden golf d'Avignon Cat 7
Mai 11,12 & 13 Grand prix de Taulane Cat 9
Mai 11,12 & 13 Grand prix Aix Marseilles Cat 4
Mai 19 & 20 Grand prix de l’Ardèche st Clair Cat 8
Mai 26 & 27 Grand prix du clou Cat 8
June 9-10 & 16-17 Youth Grand Prix Aix en Provence Regional qualifications

International Tournament Calendar Example

Results in these tournaments count for the world ranking

Date Tournament Category
January 24 -27 Portuguese International Ladies Amateur Int
February 14 & 17 Portuguese International Boys Int
March 1- 4 Spanish Ladies International Int
March 1- 4 French Ladies International Int
March 12- 17 Italian Internationals Boys Int
March 14 -17 Italian Ladies International Int
March 29 - April 2 French International Cadets U18–CARLHIAN trophy (ST Germain) Int
April 6-9 International Ladies Foresome Int
April 6-9 Irish Womens' Open Championship Int
April 7-8 French International Men Int
April 13-15 Arcachon Open (Arcachon, France) Cat 0
April 20-22 Coupe Frayssineau Mouchy (Paris, FONTAINEBLEAU) Cat 0
April 20-22 Scottish Women Open Int
May 4-6 French Team Championship Men Int
May 14-20 Irish International Int
May 25-27 International Men's French Cup Murat Int
May 30 - June 3 German Boys Int
June 6-10 Ganay Cup and Jacques Leglise Trophy (BONDUES city) Cat 0
June 14- 23 Bristish Aamateur Int
June 25 -28 Irish Boys (Blevoir Park) Int