Junior Prime Golf Academie was created in 1990 by Stéphane Damiano, renowned coach with more than 30 years of experience at the highest level. Since its creation, Stéphane's Junior Golf Academy has enabled hundreds of young golfers to live their passion for golf at the highest level.

Stephane and his team travel around the world to attend trainings and seminars with the best world coaches to ensure that they offer the best level of instruction to our golf students.

Victor Dubuisson

Victor Dubuisson, the best French golfer in history (best world ranking is No. 15), is the most remarkable example of the quality of Stéphane Damiano's coaching. Stéphane discovered Victor Dubuisson at the age of 8, trained him until he was 14.

The logical continuation of Stéphane Damiano's passion for golf was to obtain a sports agent license for golf players to participate in the launch of Victor Dubuisson's career on the European Tour in 2009-2010. In 2011-2012 Stéphane coached again Victor on the European Tour.


Alexandre Fuchs - Academy's Ambassador

Alexander Fusch, French amateur player N1 (June 2019), is our former full time golf student and our official ambassador. Alexander spent 2 years, 2014-2016, in our academy and during these 2 years, Alex lowered his handicap from 1 to - 2 and went down in the official amateur classification from N 108 to N 8.

After obtaining his baccalaureate Diploma in our golf academy, Alexander obtained a 95% scholarship at Liberty University in the United States, where he continues his studies and plays for the university's division 1 golf team. Recently, Alex won a professional golf tournament as an amateur player as well as several golf tournaments in the United States.