3rd Place for Maxime at Evian Junior Elite Event

Congratulations to our full time golf student Maxime Legros for the 3rd place at Evian Junior Elite Event and for Henry Renouard for the 19th place at this very tough golf tournament, reserved only for elite golf players. Great results !

6th anf 7th place in Valcros Golf Tournament

Congratulations to our girls for very good results in Valcros golf tournament. Our full time student from Ireland, Georgia Carr, arrived the 6th after a great score of -3 on the last day, and our golfer from Switzerland, Lucie Charbonnier, got the 7th place!

Smart to Move Dual Force plates now at Royal Mougins Golf Club

Prime golf academy uses now Smart2Move Dual Force plates to mesure the weight transfer during the golf swing. Amazing S2M level 1 certification training at Royal Mougins Golf Club today. Available now at our golf performance studio !

Full Time Junior Golf Program

First day of school & golf program for our full time junior golfers. We are really happy to welcome 24 students this year from 11 different countries: the USA, the UK, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, Dubai, Tunisia, Russia, Italy and of course France, New Caledonia & Martinique. Such a great culture sharing and language learning atmosphere. We wish our students great golf this year with some great golf tournament results!

Back to School and Integration Camp

Our junior full time golfers already arrived to the campus this weekend to start their new school and golf year. We are happy to welcome 23 golfers this year from all over the world. As each year we start our full-time golf program with two days of integration camp. Students left on Monday St Cassier lake, where they participate in different sport tests. On Wednesday the school and golf training start.

Junior Golf Camps

Our summer Junior golf camps are over. We were happy to welcome this year children and juniors from China, Holland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Romania, Ireland, Russia and other parts of the world. Children spent a great summer learning golf and practicing their competition skills, learning languages and improving their physical condition, making new friends and having fun. We hope to see you guys during the year or next summer!

Summer Golf Camps!

Kids and juniors are really enjoying our summer golf camps with our certified coaches. You can see more pictures on our Instagram & Facebook accounts. Next week will be the last golf camp from Monday 21st to Friday 25th of August ! Golf expert camp and semi-intensive camp are still available. For more information please contact us.

2d Place at the French Championship under 16

Proud of our junior golf team for qualifying 2nd in the French Golf Championship under 16. Our juniors showed a real team spirit and trained hard to get this results. Proud of you Armand Papaziani, Valentin Chifflot, Elliott Simonsen, Thibault Cayzac, Oscar Simonsen, Maxime Midorge, Paul Reymond et James Addison. Thank you to our great coach Isabelle Lambolez.

RMGC Team won and ascends to League Division 1!

We are very proud and so happy to inform you that team 1 leaded by Rafael Maura go up to League Championships division 1. The team won qualifications with 7 shots in advance and beat in match play Cannes Mandelieu 3,5/1,5. The sport policy requested by M. Rattan Chadha and as developed by Jurgen Wondergem, Andrew Pearce then Hans-Peter Franklin and Stéphane Damiano is providing it’s fruits and successes. So far every single year the teams win and ascend within superior divisions. Many thanks to the excelling co-captain Rafael Maura who managed and coached with great passion the first Team composed of Julien Maubert, Mickael Paul, Jordan Benatar, Jonathan Perrot, Tom Calvet, Anthony Starace and Gilles Bastoni to their recent victory ! The success weighs heavy as the next year’s goal will be to beat all other teams in the First Division. We are all behind them. One TEAM one DREAM !