The Prime Golf Academy opens the full time junior golf & academic as well as postgraduate golf programs in Oitavos Dunes Golf Club, in Cascais, Portugal, the golf raked N1 in Portugal and N 55 in the world. Prime boarding school will propose to our golfers the choice between The Cambridge British Curriculum or The American Curriculum with study hours adapted to intensive golf practice. Full board accommodation is proposed to students from 11 years old with the campus situated 5 min drive by car or 15 min by bike from the Oitavos Dunes Golf Club.

The Standard Golf & Academic Program Includes

  • School Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8.30am to 2.30pm, Wednesday is a full study day 8.30am/4pm, Friday 8.30am/1.30pm/
  • 10-12 hours of golf + 4h of physical training per week + regular internal competition on the weekends
  • Membership in Oitavos Dunes golf club. Students will have an access to the golf course on their free time (weekends & school holidays)
  • Membership in the sport country club with un unlimited access to the sport gym, swimming pool and group sport trainings (yoga, pilates, fitness, biking, dance, aquagym, etc)
  • Followed-up Competition Program with a personalised tournament calendar (national and international tournaments).
  • Regular Trackman, video and force plate analysis
  • Titleist Performance Institute screening and workout programmes to detect swing related physical limitations and to establish a personalised correction plan
  • Mental coaching with a specialist.
  • Game Stats and Personalized goal and training planning with a daily follow with an dedicated App

Post Graduate Program

The Post Graduate Program includes the "Standard Golf Program" (excluding academics) + 100 hours of Individual golf lessons + 30h of individual physical training. Depending on number of postgraduate students, the program can be readjusted, with more group and less individual lessons. English/Portuguese language classes can be provided upon the request.

Prime International School & Boarding

  • The Cambridge British Curriculum , considered one of the most prestigious in world. The school provides IGCSE, A levels and AICE diploma, facilitating access to the best universities in the world. Students who wish to enter renowned European universities are advised to choose the Cambridge Curriculum A levels.
  • The American Curriculum in combination with intensif golf allows an easy transition towards American universities with a golf scholarship. The school proved classes for 27 credits - the maximum that any US/Canadian university or state can demand.
  • The Full Board accommodation is proposed to juniors from 11 years old in a big villa situated 10 min drive from the school and 7 min drive from the golf. The villa, totally renovated in 2019, offers 10 spacious rooms with separate toilette and shower for each room, home cooked meals and cleaning services. It is situated in a walking distance from grocery shops and a junior sport center. The Oitavos Dunes Golf Course is situated 15 drive by bike from the house, giving an easy access to the golf course on weekends and holidays. During the week, the transportation is organised by the academy. Supervision is provided 7 days per week 24 per day.

Price list

Golf Program Description Price
Standard Golf Program 12h-15h of group golf training per week with a coach + 3-4h of group physical training (general and golf specific) with a coach, mental training & seminars, competition follow up (*excluding school vacations, excluding personal expenses).

The cost includes membership in OITAVOS DUNES Golf Club with an unlimited access to the golf course + membership in the sport country club with un unlimited access to the sport gym, swimming pool and group sport trainings (yoga/ pilates/ fitness, biking, dance, aquagym, etc)

14 600 €
Custom Golf Program Standard golf program +100h of individual golf lessons+

30h of golf specific individual fitness program

24 490 €
Prime School Description Price
Engagement Fee First year only 2000 €
Renewal Fee 2nd year onwards 500 €
Secondary 1 -Early school fees From 7th to 9th grade (11-14 y.o) 9200 €
Secondary 2 IGCSE diploma Early school fees For the 10th & 11th grades (14-16 y.o) 10 400 €
Advanced Levels - AICE Diploma For the 12th & 13th grade (16-19 y.o) 13 200 €
lunch & Snacks For non boarding students only 1800 €
Full Board Accommodation
Triple room 10 000 €
Double room 11 700 €
Laundry 1200 €
Housing deposit (Mandatory the first year for boarding students, reimbursed when leaving) 700 €
Medical assistance advance : pharmacy expenses, dentist, MRI, Scanner, Orthopedist... 500 €
Individual Golf Lessons 10h 700 €
Visa Procedure (for non EU Residence) 350 €
Cancellation Insurance 1000 €