The Prime Post Graduate golf program is a golf program for junior golfers taking a gap year to improve rapidly their golf game and to enhance their chances for a better golf scholarship in one of the USA universities. This program is oriented towards an intensive improvement of scoring abilities. We create a challenging and motivating atmosphere and provide our junior golfers with all necessary tools for a rapid golf progression./p>

This program is available on yearly basis and can help junior golfers to accomplish their personal objectives:

  • Increase confidence in your golf game and prepare for golf tournaments
  • Enhanced chances for a better golf scholarship offer
  • Enhance the transition to the golf professional rank
  • Consider a career of a golf coach
  • Consider a career of a golf coach
  • Possibility to combine university studies in Europe (Business School) and intensive golf training

Golf Program

  • Full personalised golf swing analysis and establishment of personal golf training program objectives (Trackman, SAM PuttLab, Force Plate, TPI tests...)
  • Individual golf lessons + 3 h of golf group training per day from Monday to Friday
  • 2 played golf courses per week
  • A personalised golf tournament calendar and tournament follow-up.
  • Titleist Performance Institute physical tests to determine your swing-related physical limitation and to establish an improvement plan
  • 4 h of group physical training per per week + individual golf specific fitness sessions
  • Mental / Strategy coaching with a sport mental coach

Additional Programs Proposed

  • E.S.L Intensive English courses are also available for students who need to prepare their TOEFL exams or just to improve their language skills
  • F.L.E French intensive courses are offered to international student who wish to learn the second language. Most of international students become bilingual within one year at the academy.
  • USA College Placement program
  • S.A.T preparation Program
  • SKEMA Business school. Possibility to integrate a Bachelor program in global management and combine your studies with a personalised golf program.