Full Time Golf Academy - Golf Tournament Preparation

Today the players of our full time golf academy have the unique chance to compete against two best French junior golf teams. The competition at the highest level with the players between -2 and 2 handicap! Such an intensive experience is just perfect to prepare our junior golfers for the upcoming golf tournaments. And of course they have some specific mental points to work on during this match: concentration and the reaction after the shot. A detailed briefing will follow.

Royal Mougins Seniors vs Junior Golf Academy

Following the original and nice initiative of a Royal Mougins Golf Club member, the match Juniors Academy vs Royal Mougins Seniors took place in a good mood even if the golf tournament was played with a very competitive spirit ! The original formula to oppose in match play one Junior against two Seniors (2 balls / best ball), gave the advantage to Seniors till the hole 9, but eventually the juniors have imposed 5 to 3. Fine exchanges between a full time junior golf academy by Stephane Damiano and seniors of our club allow a good preparation for both parties for the upcoming golf tournaments.

Short Game and Wedge Analysis

This week prime full time junior academy works for the short game and wedging analysis. A wedge session in the golf performance studio with Techno Swing Force Plate to measure the balance and the weight transfer is provided to each player. Elaborate individual training plan and intensive training sessions will definitely bring its results.

A New Student from Netherlands

We are happy to welcome Joep Slagt from Netherlands, who joined our academy in January for 2 months of intensive English and golf training camp (post graduate golf program). Joep is a very good golfer and we hope that this stay at the academy will help to improve his language and golf skills.

We Welcome a New Student from Russia

Prime Junior golf academy is happy to welcome Alissa Pershina from Russia, who joined our full-time golf and international school program in January. Alissa is only 11 years old and she is our youngest full time golf player.

Prime Golf Academy against Monaco Golf Team

This weekend our academy was invited to the centenary Monte Carlo Golf Club to play a preparation match agains the Monte Carlo Division 1 golf team. A very warm reception and a superb match on the exceptional golf course, overlooking the Principality of Monaco with some breathtaking views over the French and Italian Rivieras.

Academy's Life

A superb Christmas party for our full-time junior golf academy this weekend. Lot of fun and friendly atmosphere, helping to reinforce the team spirit and mutual support. Another week of work to go before leaving for Christmas holidays.

Golf Tournament with "Pôle France"

The last training golf tournament this year for our full time junior academy facing the "Pôle France", the elite of French junior golfers. We work on the concrete mental objectives this week: routine, mental preparation and visualisation, reaction after the shot...

Three Victories for Pauline Welker - Full Time Golf Program

Our full time golf player, Pauline Welker, finished this year with three victories at Digne, Valcros and Béziers golf tournaments. We add to these victories the second and the third place at the Grande Motte and Sainte-Maxime golf tournaments.

A big work realised on the swing with her coaches Stéphane Damiano and Johann De Zan (on the photo) this year have brought its results!

Prime Junior Academy against Pôle France

Our junior golf academy played a today a friendly competition against "Pole France", the elite of junior amateur golfers. A great experience for our golfers, rich in positive emotions and with some very good results.