Admission phases for a post graduate or gap year golf program

Our intensive full time program will require a dedication and self-discipline in order to develop maximum of your potential. We are looking for students who are goal oriented, hard working and who want to live their passion for golf at its maximum.

Phase 1 : Information request. The candidate sends us by email at the following information:

  • Name, surname
  • Date of birth
  • Handicap
  • Nationality / Country
  • Actual school grade (if still at school)
  • Your long-term objectives related to the program
  • + Your questions

Phase 2 : Visit us. Selection tests used not only to assess the student on sports and school (if taking a language or SAT course), but also to measure the motivational level and general attitude of the candidate. To screen a candidate, he/she have to spend a week at the Academy, in total immersion with other students

To schedule your arrival, just send us your dates (from Sundays to Saturdays afternoon). Our team will contact you to confirm your stay and to give you all the détails.

Phase 3 : Enrolling. A full documentation will be send to you

Price List

Golf Program Description Price
Standard Golf Program Afternoon group golf & physical trainings,

mental training & seminars

15 360 €
Custom Golf Program (Postgraduate & Gap Year) Standard golf program +100h of individual golf lessons+

30h of golf specific individual fitness program.

Excluding personal fees.
24 460 €
Tournament Follow Up Fees This package covers travel, accommodation and meals for the coach and

coaching during tournaments (Grand Prix)

1 500 €