Standard Golf Program Includes

  • Training from September to June
  • 3-4 hours of golf per day from Monday to Friday (in the afternoon)
  • 2 played golf courses per week
  • Followed-up Competition Program with a personalised tournament calendar (national and international tournaments). A dozen of coached tournaments per year (depending on golf level). Regular internal competitions
  • Regular analysis in our fully equipped golf performance studio : Trackman Launch Monitor 4, Hi Speed Video, SAM PuttLab for putting analysis, TechnoSwing Force Plate to measure weight transfer and balance.
  • Titleist Club Fitting
  • Titleist Performance Institute screening and workout programmes to detect swing related physical limitations and to establish a personalised correction plan
  • 4 h of general and golf specific fitness per week. Access to sport gym for boarding students. Yoga classes optional.
  • Mental coaching with a specialist.
  • Medical center: physiotherapist, osteopath, sports psychologist, rehabilitation of injuries...
  • Personalized goal planning and quarterly reports

Yearly Training Cycles



  • Contact establishment coach - player
  • Stroke Play competition on two tours for personalized assessment of each player : technical, behavioral and mental analysis on the golf course
  • Advanced swing analysis in our performance studio, establishment of a personalized working plan and objectives
  • Titleist Performance Institute screening: detection of physical advantages and constraints. Establishment of an adapted physical training program
  • Detection of advantages and constraints of mental behavior (throughout the year)
  • Goal setting, establishment of personalised development plan
  • End of competition season

CYCLE °2: FUNDAMENTAL - (November – February)

  • Fundamental technical work to achieve training plan objectives
  • Mental training: behavioural and mental preparation
  • On course instruction : mental/scoring/ stress management....
  • Internal competitions


  • Continuation of the technical work
  • Competition preparation: working on "key" points to score: putting, wedging, driving
  • Strengthening of mental capacity: concentration, routine, positive attitude on the golf course
  • Competitions’ follow-up
  • End of year results and adjustment of the training objectives for the next year